COVID-19 Update

Xome® at Home

We all find ourselves in an unprecedented situation, and our industry is complexly affected. You should know that Xome is working closely with Congress, the Administration, as well as industry associations and counterparts to ensure we’re aware of any information impacting our areas of business.

A message from our CEO

As COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) continues to dominate the news, I want to assure you our team is actively monitoring the situation. Except for a handful of critical roles, nearly 100 percent of our team members are working remotely. And for those critical team members who remain at our sites, we are taking every necessary precaution to ensure their health and safety.

While we continue to navigate this new environment, I recognize our industry will face additional hurdles and new challenges. As one of the few players in the industry who can manage the entire real estate lifecycle, our diverse offerings across servicing and origination put Xome in a strong position to adapt and meet your evolving needs, just as we always have. The mortgage industry is resilient and as your trusted partner, we are here to help you navigate through these challenging times and alleviate the workload seamlessly.

Mike Rawls
CEO, Xome

Services that may Help Your Business During tHIs Time

Helping you stay safe—and stay working as much as possible.


  • DIY Inspections in a snap
  • Digital inspection process minimizes in-person interactions
  • Speed up the valuations process
  • Increase speed to close
  • Save time and money—for both you and your borrowers.

Remote Online Notary (RON) & E-Closing Solutions

  • Title and signings on the go
  • Proprietary e-signing technology
  • Dedicated signing service team
  • Create efficiency and accountability—and maintain social distancing

HUD Vacant Property Disposition Strategies

  • Traditional REO
  • Available for vacant HUD REO properties
  • 76% sales conversion program execution
  • 26 days to close for sold files

Portfolio Oversight & Surveillance

  • See real-time updates
  • Access pertinent information
  • Municipality closures
  • Property details
  • Continuous monitoring and reports

Analytical Models

  • Be ahead of market trends
  • Yield optimal returns
  • Disposition models
  • Data analytics
  • Continual monitoring of pricing, inventory, demand, and valuations

Total Default Solutions

  • Reduce touchpoints
  • Leverage timelines critical to Default Servicing
  • End-to-end default solution
  • Available for Field Services, Valuations, Title and Closing, Asset Management, and Dispositions

Portfolio MLS Trigger Program (for Servicers)

  • Receive MLS activity data on loans in your servicing book
  • Portfolio recapture opportunities

Virtual Live Auctions

  • Increase collaboration
  • Real-time decisions through servicer participation

Other Resources

Foreclosure State & County Impact Tracker

  • Foreclosure and eviction moratorium updates
  • County court closures
  • Availability of e-recording
  • States under Shelter-In-Place/Stay-At-Home
  • Available for both state and county levels