How COVID-19 Challenges Are Prompting Innovation

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Xome CEO Mike Rawls discusses how COVID-19 has changed the way his company conducts business. Rawls leads “a high-performing group of 1,800 Xomies (aka Xome team members)” with a focus on technology, finance, and real estate who together help the company design an “end-to-end solution for mortgage servicers, lenders, and banks,” according to Xome’s website. Rawls tells DS5 that remote work, for example, is something he plans to maintain, although it might look a little different in the future. It’s a challenge to maintain the “culture,” which makes Xome so effective, when the staff is growing but not meeting one another in person, he says.

“As we adapt to the new normal, we will probably adopt a hybrid in office/work-from-home system,” he said. “I think that flexibility has been well-received.”

He believes the industry is “going to continue to see the evolution of new technologies,” he said. He addresses the cruciality of tech, preparing for the expected onslaught of future forbearance exits, and more.