Property Preservation – Lessons Learned

Heavy reliance on tech

With a majority of people working from home as a result of COVID-19, servicers will need to ensure field service providers are using safe, secure, compliant technology platforms. In order to properly secure data, it is important to know who has access to it, where they are accessing it from, and what controls are in place to prevent improper dissemination. In Xome’s case, years of investment into the right technology platforms along with a focus towards supporting remote talent, positioned us well to make that shift.

As COVID-19 restrictions remain in place, it is imperative that companies continue to leverage technology that’s adaptable and flexible and that helps them to remotely respond to customer needs. A few solutions to consider include:

  • Offering tools which allow for real-time collaboration and communication, meetings, and file and app sharing.
  • Enabling technologies which give safe and secure access from anywhere in the world. For example, creating a secure tunnel and a “desktop within a desktop” that makes it possible to use a personal device without concerns over data privacy.
  • Provide a suite of cloud-based productivity tools, which integrates easily and promotes collaboration, while eliminating much of the need to manage software on local machines.

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