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Xome® Xpert Seller

Xpert Seller is a new program for servicers, that helps homeowners who’d like to sell their homes get the quickest sale—and highest price—possible. Powered by one of the largest and most active online real estate auction platforms, Xpert Seller is especially helpful to homeowners in forbearance and on a tight timeline. Plus, unlike other options, it offers several extra advantages.

Adds capacity to support disposition activities

Proactively assists homeowners through the process

Provides homeowners with relocation assistance

Effectively manages potential losses

Increases transparency in the foreclosure sale process & status of listings

Increases exposure to buyers & may decrease time on market

Xome’s Xpert Seller program gives customers the benefits of both an auction and a traditional sale. A 45-day auction period is recommended, followed by a traditional sale (if the customer doesn’t receive an acceptable offer during 3 auction runs).

No matter which way they choose to go, though, they’ll be guided every step of the way by the Xome Concierge® team.

50% of Xome Properties receive competitive offers during their 1st auction event. 

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How the Xpert Seller Program Works

Homeowner initiates request with servicer & reviews options

Homeowner contacts Xome to initiate program

Xome sends packet to listing agent & begins online & targeted marketing

Listing agent works with homeowner on optimal path marketing plan

Leverages Xome’s auction platform to market & present best offer to the seller

Property moved under contract with Xome overseeing title & closing process

Xpert Seller Features

Servicer Support

  • Supports servicer: retention/mitigation, eligibility & outreach
  • Educates & assists servicer: equity sale, pre-foreclosure sale transactions
  • Helps train call-center staff on benefits of program

Tech Enabled

  • XomePro: proprietary CRM platform for agent lead assignments
  • Mobile app enabled for timely updates
  • MLS data monitoring supports loss mitigation outreach


  • Inbound calls supported by experienced real estate professionals
  • Proactive communication routines with agent and customer
  • Staff with extensive servicing-based experience

Give your customers more options
& access more buyers.

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June 2, 2021

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